Brenna | Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer

Brenna | Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer

Brenna and I met for the first time at her session. I have actually known many of her family members for a few years but hadn’t had the great fortune of meeting her until then! I am so glad I did finally get to know her because she one awesome young woman!

Brenna took me to some spots in Ellet Valley that I have been only once before so I was excited to off road it a bit and find some cool locations! We did find all kinds of great spots too! There may have been a chicken or two that crossed our path that made me a little nervous (if you know me you know I have an unexplainable fear of birds) but otherwise this session was awesome! Ha!

“Exciting, adventurous, and kind” are the three words that Brenna uses to describe herself. In the little time I got to know her she certainly seemed to have all of these traits! She is funny and fun to be around! Kind is a definite trait that came through as we talked too. Kindness is a trait more people should have too!

Brenna plays volleyball for Blacksburg High School. She loves it and hopes to continue playing in college! In school Brenna’s favorite subject is Biology and she plans to attend Norfolk State University to play volleyball and major in biology. How awesome is that?

When Brenna is not on the court or studying for school, she enjoys hiking and being with her friends and family.

I had such a great time at Brenna’s session! I can’t wait to share the photos with you all!

Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer