Josh | Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer

Josh | Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer

Josh is another one of my former students that I get the pleasure of hanging out for an hour with again! If you ever read my blog posts you’d know how lucky I am because I have had the great fortune of knowing some of the best young people. Josh is no exception. He was, and is, an awesome young man. When Josh was a 7th grader (notice I didn’t use “little” because he was pretty tall even back then!) he was also so kind and such a great student. When I think back to Josh at that time I can just picture his big smile whenever I would call on him or talk to him. There is nothing better than seeing a happy face when you’re a teacher. Josh made each day a happy one! What a great young man he was and still is!

The three words Josh used to describe himself were, “athletic, hardworking, and determined.” Awesome traits that will take him very far in the world! He does need to add in there, “happy and kind” because those are things he is as well!

Josh’s favorite subjects in school are biology and history. He is very involved in sports with football and basketball being his favorites. He plays for the Blacksburg High School football and basketball teams. Go Bruins! The BHS Football team even won the state championship while he was on the team! Check out his championship ring!

When Josh isn’t at school or playing sports, he enjoys hunting, fishing, weightlifting, and hanging out with his friends and family. His favorite movies are the Star Wars trilogy, Batman trilogy, and “plenty of others”!! Josh’s favorite TV show is the The Office and his favorite band is Hillsong.

Josh told me he plans to attend a 4 year college and major in biology and then attend medical school. He hasn’t made any decisions as of yet, but he is busy with the application process and will likely have some decisions to make soon! No matter what school Josh ends up choosing, I know they will be all the better for having him there. This is one awesome young man.

Okay! Enough from me! Let’s see more photos!

Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer