Jones | Blacksburg Family Photographer

Jones | Blacksburg Family Photographer

I have had the pleasure of knowing the Jones family for many years and I just adore them all! It has been so great watching Ali and Kami grow up into such strong and spirited young women. Oh.. and TALENTED!! Just wow!

Rob and Karen are two of the most fun parents out there. Ali and Kami are super lucky to have a pair of parent that make life such a blast! Every day is an adventure with a lot of laughter and good times. You can see how happy these girls are whenever you have a conversation with them!

Karen describes her family as “crazy, lazy, and God fearing.” They enjoy being outside and spending time together as a family. Rob has shared his musical talents and passions with his girls and they each have a great interest in music. They also enjoy playing music together. Ali has already become an accomplished performer! What a voice she has already!!!

The Jones family enjoys watching TV, playing games, and traveling together. They have many adventures together!!!

Karen describes Kami as being “full of life and the life of all parties.” I have to tell you, she IS!!! I loved the faces she’d make during the photos.. pure personality!

Ali was described by Karen as being “sweet and very talented!” I have heard this girl perform and WOW! She can sing like a bird! I enjoy whenever Karen shares a post of Ali performing! I know it won’t be long before she has a large following!!!

Rob is one of the friendliest people I know. I first met Rob when I moved to Blacksburg back in 2007. He was my realtor (and he is an AWESOME realtor!) and showed me around Blacksburg. He helped me to find the perfect home for my family and in the process became a friend. He is one of the most thoughtful people too! I can still remember a snow day a few years ago and being trapped in my home. I heard something and looked outside. It was Rob clearing my driveway! He had been passing by, noticed I needed some help, and done! How sweet! That was one of those moments when I realized how completely thoughtful Rob is!

Karen is super sweet and a wonderful friend. Karen is also a colleague of mine as we both teach math at Blacksburg Middle School. That means I get to be friends and coworkers with her! That makes me super lucky! It is always great to meet up with her at work because no matter the purpose of the meeting, sitting next to her makes it a fun one! Ha! I also enjoy how kind Karen is and supportive of everyone. I am so lucky to know her! As a mother, Karen is super devoted to her girls. She gives 100% to her family and it shows because these girls adore their momma right back!

Okay! Enough from me! I bet you’d all like to see more of this adorable family!

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