Brittany + Oliver | Blacksburg Engagement Photographer

Brittany and Oliver are married!! 

Confused? Ha! That’s because this awesome couple were only in town for the week before their wedding. That means this engagement session happened three days before their actual wedding! This also means that by the time of this post, they are Mr. and Mrs. Chapman!

Okay, let’s go back in time to the engagement session date and talk about how these two met!  Brittany and Oliver met in Columbus, Ohio at Bar Louie. Brittany had gone to a concert with her friend and they ran into Oliver afterwards. 

Fast forward a few years and Oliver proposes! Britany and Oliver were in Hawaii to watch their good friend play in the Sentry Tournament of Champions It was New Year’s Eve and they were doing a zip lining tour for “the cut” on the Golf Channel. Brittany was last to go and Oliver proposed at the end…film crew ready and all! What an awesome proposal story! The stuff of dreams!

Oliver and Brittany share many things that they enjoy doing together. The two main pleasures in their life are golf and their two Cavapoos: Graham and Mabel. Of course their fur babies had to be in their photos!

It was so wonderful getting to know Brittany and Oliver during their engagement session. They are truly a sweet and loving couple that are perfectly matched. I loved watching how much they adored each other and their pups. Here are more photos of the engagement session but be sure to stay tuned for the awesome wedding photos to come!

More Photos!