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Evan is one year old!!!

How quickly a year can fly by! The last time I saw this sweet family was when Evan was a newborn! That seems like yesterday yet look at how big he is now!

Kyle and Jana have the sweetest family. They adore little Evan and it shows. This little guy is so happy! He didn’t stop smiling the entire session!

blacksburg family photographer

We met at Falls Ridge Nature Preserve in Montgomery County, Virginia. It is such a pretty spot with caves, a stream, and even a waterfall tucked away. While we didn’t venture to the waterfall (it would be too tempting for Evan!), we explored the terrain and I got to see how much Evan has grown and learned since I last saw him!

Jana describes her family as “loving, fun, and full of laughter.” There is no doubt!

Kyle, Jana, and Evan love to spend time outdoors. They especially love the beautiful fall weather. It’s perfect for doing the things they love: hiking, camping, and sitting by the fire!

blacksburg family photographer

When they are at home they love reading. Evan is already a book lover! 

I asked Jana to describe Evan for me and she said, “Evan is sweet boy who loves to smile and laugh!” There is no doubt about that! He is the sweetest!

Okay! Enough from me! How about more photos??!!!

More photos!