Riley | Blacksburg High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Riley is a senior!!!

I had a wonderful time photographing this awesome young woman! Riley is a senior at Blacksburg High School in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Riley describes herself as “adventurous, empathetic, and fun-loving.” Those are some awesome attributes! 

At BHS Riley enjoys studying government and history.  She also plays the violin!

When she’s not at school, Riley enjoys working out and spending time with her friends.  Hiking, fishing, and going to the beach are also some of her favorite things to do!

Riley likes many musicians. A few of them are Mac Miller, Kid Cudi, Brent Faiyaz, Daniel Caesar, and Chance the Rapper. Her favorite film is the Grande Budapest Hotel. She really likes any that Wes Anderson directed! Her favorite TV show is New Girl. 

Riley has not chosen her college yet. She still has lots of options to weigh! Policy and International Affairs is the major she is considering when she does pick the school to attend!

It was so much fun walking around and getting to know Riley. How about more photos??!!!

More Photos!!!