Julianne | Blacksburg High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Julianne is a senior!!!

This is one awesome young woman!

Julianne describes herself as caring, indecisive, and energetic. Love that! She’s also a lot of fun!

Julianne is a senior at Blacksburg High School in Blacksburg, Virginia. Her favorite subject to study in school is English. She is also involved in cow showing, softball, and volleyball.

When Julianne isn’t busy with school or her extra curricular activities, she enjoys sports and hanging out with her friends.

Erika is Julianne’s lifelong friend. They did their sessions together so we got a lot of great photos together! These two girls share a lot of interests, particularly cow showing.

Julianne has many interests. He likes to listen to country music and her favorite holiday is Christmas. It is no surprise, then, that her favorite movie of all time is The Grinch!

Virginia Tech is where Julianne would like to end up attending college next year. She is considering majoring in property management! No matter what she decides to focus on, this awesome young woman is going places!!

How about more photos of Julianne??!!!!

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