Caitlin + Andrew | Blue Ridge Parkway Engagement Session

Caitlin + Andrew | Blue Ridge Parkway Engagement Session

What a sweet pair these two are!!

Andrew told me that he and Caitlin first met through mutual friends at Radford University. He shared, “after bumping into each other a few times but never having enough time for a conversation, we finally saw each other at a friend’s party and began talking. We haven’t stopped talking for over five years now. We consider ourselves lucky every day that we found each other so early in life and that we have the rest of our lives to spend with each other.” Isn’t that the sweetest??!!!

After dating for four and a half years Andrew and Caitlin got engaged! Caitlin tells the story as “one day we were eating breakfast and talking about the last few years and our relationship, and started discussing marriage and why on Earth we weren’t engaged yet. Life was so busy that we just hadn’t gotten around to that part of the plan yet although we had been talking marriage for years. We got engaged right then and there. We picked out a ring together and went to McAfee’s Knob for Andrew to “pop the question” because he knew I had dreamed of being proposed to there. Of course, I knew the whole way there that it was going to happen, but it was absolutely beautiful and unforgettable.” I love that story!

Their Favorite Things to Do Together:

Caitlin and Andrew have many things that they love doing together. A few of these things are taking naps, watching movies, painting, hiking in the woods, drinking coffee, talking about current events, taking care of each other, and “making the other choose where to get dinner! Now that they are engaged, Caitlin explained that they are most excited about “saying ‘fiance’ and starting the next phase of our lives as husband and wife.” Caitlin went on to say that “having more than a year to be engaged is giving us time to really reflect on our relationship and talk about what we want out of our marriage. As much as we would love to get married tomorrow, our engagement has been a really sweet time to get closer to each other and mindfully prepare for the next stage of our lives.”

Their Sweet Words About Each Other:

I asked Andrew and Caitlin to describe each other and here’s what they said:

Andrew: “I think that Cait’s drive is one of her best qualities. She is dedicated and passionate about her education, her career, and her relationships. Her love for animals and her field of study give me joy in knowing I’m with someone who cares so deeply about our fuzzy friends and the environment. And she’s a great cook.”

Caitlin: “I love Andrew’s pure and absolute selflessness. He is the most caring person I know; not just to me, but to everyone he meets. He would honestly do anything to help anyone in need and that is one of his most attractive qualities. I also love that he is constantly willing to explore and try new things with me, like tasting new international foods or going on a drive without a destination in mind.”

Okay! Enough from me!

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Caitlin + Andrew | Blue Ridge Parkway Engagement Session