Callahan + Webb | Blacksburg Country Club Family Photographer

The Callahan and Webb families!!!

What a fun session this was! “Faithful, fun, and blessed” are the words they use to describe themselves. They are the best!

I met up with Eddie and Rita for a large family session! Their children, Todd and DeAnne came along with their families too! It was so great to see such a loving group and meet everyone!

I have had the great pleasure of working with DeAnne at the Blacksburg Country Club in Blacksburg, Virginia for many years now. She is so much fun to work with and such a wonderful person! When she reached out to me to photograph her big family I was super excited!

Eddie and Rita are such loving parents to Todd and DeAnne! They also adore their grandsons, Jake and Jaxson! So sweet!

Todd and his wife, Pam, have two sons, Jake and Jaxson. They are the nicest bunch!

DeAnne and her husband, John, are the sweetest! I had so much fun meeting him!

DeAnne shared with me that her parents, Eddie and Rita, are still involved in the ministry and spend a lot of their time there. They have been involved in the ministry for over 50 years now! When they aren’t doing that the whole family loves to get together and cook. They just love spending time as a whole family. I love that!

Todd and Pam love the beach and have taking up hiking. They have gone to some awesome places!

Jake and Jaxon love sports of all kinds. They both love to attend University of Tennessee football games whenever they can!

DeAnne loves to work in her flower beds and John loves tinkering in his garage! They love the beach and go whenever they can!

DeAnne shared with me that at 78 her father is still teaching at a college level. He is an amazing teacher!! She went on to tell me that her mother, a.k.a. “sarge,” never stops! She has a servant’s heart and cares for people so deeply. She has a wonderful sense of humor as well.

Todd is DeAnne’s twin brother, though she says they couldn’t be more different. According to DeAnne, Todd is quiet and reserved. He studies situations before reacting. He loves to make handcrafted furniture. Todd’s wife, Pam, “bleeds orange” as she is a graduate of the University of Tennessee! She loves the beach and will gladly go anytime of the year!

Jake is a country boy at heart. He cares very deeply for everyone, especially his family. He is in his second year working towards a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy.

Jaxson loves cooking (like his dad!) and is very caring and loving. He is a second semester sophomore at Johnson University.

John has an “old soul” and likes the way some things used to be. He cares very deeply about so much! DeAnne told me that one of her first pediatricians told her parents that she was born a “wild hair terrier and would always be a wild hair terrier!” Ha! Despite her wild soul, DeAnne is a very loyal friend and family member. She would do anything for anyone. She has a heart of gold!

How about more photos from this fun session??!!!

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