Doolan Family | Roanoke |NRV Family Photographer

The Doolan Family!

I had a great time seeing the Doolan family again! It has been a while since their last session!

Since I last saw them, the Doolan family moved to Roanoke! Keith and Amy moved the Salem/Roanoke area and wanted to photograph their family in their new area. They chose the Mill Mountain Zoo area and it was so pretty! Though a cold day, it was gorgeous! Amy wanted to do something unique and bring in those gorgeous Roanoke views! She liked the idea of having photos that would remind them of how fortunate they are to live in such an amazing place. I agree!

Amy and Keith have two awesome kids, Parker and Maudie! Parker is now 10 years old and in 5th grade. Maudie is 8 and in the 3rd grade. Both kids like math, so that made me super happy! Ha! Parker even said division was his favorite math topic!! Woohooooo!!! Maudie told me she also likes science, which is super cool!

“Kind, caring, and constantly on the go” is how Amy describes her sweet family. They are all of those things for sure! They are super busy and involved in sports and activities that keep them going! Parker and Maudie are very involved in multiple sports. Basketball, football, and soccer are the main ones the kids are involved in. As a family they also love being outdoors, exercising, and generally just being together.

The Doolan family also has two more important family members: Cassie and Tucker, their dogs! They love to take the dogs on walks, go on family vacations, and watch sports all together.

Amy shared with me that Parker is “kind hearted, lives life to the fullest, and has a knack for sports!”

Maudie, she went on to tell me, is “witty, strong-willed, loves Tik-Tok and to play soccer.”

It was really great to see them all again and how much the kids have grown! How about more photos??!!!

More photos!!