Carly + Duston | Blacksburg Engagement Photographer

Carly and Duston are getting married!!!

These two are so perfect together! I asked Carly to tell me how she and Duston met. She shared with me that she and Duston first met through an online dating service. Eventually they decided to meet and go out for dinner together. They even went and saw the film, The Greatest Showman. They continued talking and meeting up for dates for about a month and then they decided to officially date.

Duston and Carly love spending time together. They love to see movies together, especially since they both work so hard during the week and don’t get to spend much time together. The weekends make up for it! They enjoy taking day trips but also just love hanging out together at their house with the dog and the cat.

Carly shared the sweetest story about how Duston proposed. She shared, “since one of our first dates was the Greatest Showman and I had never been to a circus before, Duston took me to a circus, on opening night and at the end of the show in front of everyone proposed to me. It was filmed by multiple people and even made the news. I think the coolest thing about it was I was completely surprised. I had no idea that the question was going to be popped until I saw my mom’s face on Facetime then I realized what was going to happen. It was an amazing night!” Oh my goodness! Such a sweet story!

Now that they are engaged they are enjoying living together. They love being able to finally see each other every day! They are also so excited to be able to have a family together. Since being engaged Carly and Duston have become even closer and they are enjoying every minute of that!

Carly told me that Duston is “an amazing person, He is very kind and considerate. He has always had my back from the start and always does what he can to be there for me when I’m having a hard time. He is super funny too, when we are in the car together whenever we go on a trip we have such a great time laughing and talking together.”

Duston shared, “Carly is there for me when I need her, she is super willing to make sacrifices for me when need be. I love spending time with her and I get super excited every moment I get to spend with her. She makes me laugh from time to time, and has a great sense of humor.”

These two are so sweet! I am so happy for them both!