Casey + Alec | Virginia Tech Engagement Photographer

Casey & Alec are engaged!!!

I had an awesome time getting to know Casey and Alec during their engagement session! Despite the temperatures being SUPER cold, we had fun!

Alec and Casey met on September 26, 2013. Casey told me the story: “It was my freshmen year of college at Virginia Tech, and Alec was visiting Blacksburg with his friend Keith. Keith invited me to join him and Alec for dinner at Sharkey’s (a bar downtown) to watch a Virginia Tech away game. It was a fun time and Virginia Tech beat Georgia Tech 17-10. It was a larger win than anyone knew at the time. Alec and I continued to see each other for football games throughout my time in college. We enjoyed many tailgates and games of corn hole together over the years. At one particular tailgate, Keith and Alec even hijacked my laptop in an attempt to do my homework. They enjoyed reading the textbook aloud and insisted they were speeding up my study process. I disagreed, though I did get a 50/50 on that assignment despite the peanut gallery’s antics. Alec and my paths crossed again when both traveled to South Bend, Indiana in 2016 to watch Virginia Tech play Notre Dame. Half of my family and many of Alec’s friends also attended. I sat with my family and Alec with his friends during the game. It was windy and snowing the entire time, but we both continued to take our gloves off to text throughout the game. Alec invited me to come visit him at half time with the promise that he’d share some hand warmers with me. The Hokies pulled out a last-minute win, and Alec and I continued to keep in touch. In January, Alec finally got up the nerve to ask me out. He invited me to a Virginia Tech basketball game. I eagerly cut my winter break short to meet Alec in Blacksburg. The Hokies lost that game, but Alec and I won the day. We’ve been inseparable ever since.”

I loved the story of how Alec proposed to Casey! They got engaged on November 24, 2018 at the Pylons on Virginia Tech’s campus. After visiting family in Virginia and New Jersey for Thanksgiving, Casey and Alec left NJ at 6 a.m. to make it to Blacksburg in time for the annual UVA/VT football game. They arrived just in time for the game. They had fun sitting with Casey’s cousins, and everyone did their best to ignore the rowdy UVA fans behind them. The game kept their hearts racing, which was good since it was pretty cold. After lots of jumping and cheering, the Hokies came from behind for an overtime win. Alec picked Casey up and kissed her and she said, “If you proposed right now, I’d said yes.” To which Alec responded, “I don’t have any hardware.” Casey took this to mean, Alec did not have a ring with him at all. Little did she know, it was sitting in his duffle bag, back at the house. The next morning, Casey and Alec said goodbye to Casey’s family and headed to town. Alec had been asking all week to make a stop at the Virginia Tech bookstore (near campus) to purchase a new car magnet. So Casey didn’t think anything of it, when they headed to campus. It was about 35 degrees and rainy, and Casey was a bit tired and cranky. After visiting the bookstore, Alec suggested they stop at Our Daily Bread – Casey’s favorite bakery – for breakfast. After breakfast, Casey was in a better mood and SHE suggested swinging by the Pylons on the way out. Alec quickly agreed. They found a great parking spot near Torgeson Bridge and walked toward the Pylons in the rain. They made it to the Pylons and Alec turned on “Carol of the Bells,” the song that played from the Burruss bell tower during their first date. He asked Casey to hold the umbrella. She started catching on… Alec pulled a yellow egg out of his pocket. (Casey and Alec play hide and seek with a yellow Easter egg all year round in their home.) When Alec opened the egg, there was a ring inside. He started to kneel down in a puddle, and Casey grabbed him and said, “No, no I get it. We have to drive four hours home still.” Alec asked Casey to marry him, and Casey said yes!

Obviously, these two were meant to be together! They have so much fun spending time with each other and are clearly one another’s best friend. When the are together they love to travel, eat good food, cook together, and play with their cat, Chase. And, of course, they love Virginia Tech Football! Go Hokies!

Now that they are engaged they are most excited to dance while The Dundies play at their wedding. They are also super excited to go on their honeymoon!

I asked each of them to tell me the most awesome thing about the other and this is what they shared: Alec said, “I like how kind Casey is. She has a good heart. She makes me want to be a better person every day.” Too Sweet! Casey said, “Alec is extraordinary. He is thoughtful and kind and just one of the best people I’ve ever met.”

Now aren’t these two just perfect for each other?? I cannot wait for their wedding! For now, let’s look at more engagement photos!!!

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