Sarah & John are Engaged!!! | Blacksburg Engagement Photographer

What a sweet couple these two are!

I met up with Sarah and John recently at Explore Park in Roanoke, Virginia. It was a cool day but the Blue Ridge Parkway is always a beautiful place for a session!

We had a great time walking around the park and talking about their upcoming wedding plans! These two have been together so long already that they are just natural!

Sarah told me the story of how they met. I just loved it! “John and I went to the same elementary school in 4th grade . We were neighbors and walked home from school together every day. We liked each other for a while until John got the courage to ask me out. He did it by passing me a note in the lunch line that said “will you be my girlfriend? Check One: []Yes []No. We were together for the rest of the year and were each other’s first kiss. John’s family was renting their house, so when the school year ended John moved to a new neighborhood. This put him in a different elementary and middle school district. Our older sister’s comforted us by foreshadowing we would meet again in high school. When that time came, we became good friends and started dating again our senior year.”

Isn’t that just about the most perfect love story you’ve ever heard?

Years later John would follow tradition in how he asked Sarah to become his wife. Sarah shared with me, “we spent a weekend away in the Smokey Mountains celebrating our 7th year anniversary. When we returned to our apartment, I was surprised by a garland of papers strewn from the front door to the bedroom down the hall. From the garland hung over a hundred notes and letters we had sent each other throughout the years. The trail ended in our room where atop the bed lay our memory book (a book we filled with pictures/drawings/stories/trinkets from our adventures). The book was opened to a page that had a new note from John. The note resembled the same one John had written me in 4th grade when he asked me out for the first time. “Will you be my wife? Check One: [] Yes [] Of course [] Definitely.”

Okay… I seriously haven’t heard of a sweeter proposal story!!! That is the moment of movies and dreams!

Obviously Sarah and John are the perfect match! They enjoy doing so many things together. Their favorites include playing video games, cooking, performing improvisational comedy, hiking, watching movies, and playing with their cats (Maximus and Floki)!!

Now that they are engaged there are many things they are looking forward to for their shared future. They have been waiting years to get married because they put their school and careers in the forefront. Sarah explained that because of this it is now exciting to “finally do the fun and much awaited part!”

John described Sarah to me as “the funniest person I have ever met. She knows exactly how to make me laugh no matter where we are or what we are doing. Every day with her is an absolute blast and I have so much fun going on new adventures with her, smiling and laughing the whole time. ”

Sarah, in turn, described John to me. She said, “his creativity is pretty awesome. John tells amazing stories that he makes up on the spot and has an unbelievable imagination. He can make mundane chores fun by transporting us to another world through his creative mind. He’s smart, funny, and kind, but this is his most AWESOME trait. “

Have you ever heard of two people more perfectly matched? I cannot wait for their wedding!

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