Cloeter Family | Roanoke Family Photographer | Blacksburg | NRV

This family is THE BEST!!

I recently met up with Kendall and Jonathan and their two adorable kids, Harper and Julian. We had the best time during their family photo session!

We met at Kendall’s family property in Roanoke which was a beautiful spot to capture this special time in her family’s lives.

Kendall describes her family as, “loving, young, and close.” They are also so kind! I loved how sweet they were with each other. And those little ones… ADORABLE!!

As a family they enjoy going to the parks in the area, spending time with family, meeting all the dogs in their neighborhood, as well as playing with puzzles, Legos, and crayons!

I asked Kendall to share some special details about her family and she shared, “Jonathan is the warmest person you could know, a caring physician, and intensely dedicated to his family.” He really is so nice! I loved getting to know him!

Regarding Harper, Kendall shared, “Harper is a witty and smart 3 year old with a beautiful and vivid imagination.” Let me tell you.. this little lady is awesome! I had the best time with her!

Julian, the youngest, is adorable too! Kendall shared, “Julian is a sweet and loving 17 month old, who can be surprisingly devious.” Ha!

As for Kendall herself, she would tell you that she “strives to do good, not only for myself but for my family and community.” I can tell you after getting to know her that this is very true! She is so thoughtful and kind to her family and others. A wonderful person!

Okay! How about some more photos??!!!

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