Ali + Bradley | Blacksburg Engagement Photographer | Heritage Park

Ali and Bradley and are getting married!

I had such a great time getting to know Ali and Bradley during their engagement session at Heritage Park in Blacksburg, Virginia!

Ali shared with me the story of how she and Bradley first met. She shared, “We had known each other through mutual friends and had gone kayaking with a group of people freshman year of college. During sophomore year while I was studying at the College Study Center (College was University of Alabama in Huntsville) Bradley would come say hi and talk to me for a little bit. Eventually our conversations got longer and one morning Bradley asked me if I was going to be studying today and asked if he could join and I said yes. Eventually we started dating and have now been together for almost 4 years.” So awesome!

Bradley was the one that popped the question! They were at Smith Mountain Lake visiting Ali’s grandparents’ lake house. She shared, “It was Memorial Day weekend which is close to my birthday so Bradley asked me if I wanted my birthday present early. And I was like, ‘I guess so’ because before he had told me he got me stuff I had texted him that I had wanted a t-shirt. After we had gone out to dinner with the family we came back and he tells me to close my eyes and he’s gonna give me the gift. So I open my eyes after and it’s a small bag that’s from a jewelry store. I was thinking it might be a necklace which I remembered I had wanted but look in the bag and its a penny… and I’m like, ‘wow.. thanks a penny for my birthday.’ Then I look down at him and he’s on one knee asking me to marry him! Of course I said, ‘yes!’ It was even more special because my parents had gotten engaged at the lake house.” How sweet!!!

As a couple they enjoy hiking, going out to eat Mexican food, going to breweries, and “trying to convince Ali to watch movies with Bradley because she hates movies.” Ha!

I asked them each to share their favorite thing about the other. Bradley shared that Ali, “is always so caring and willing to help out whenever I need it. She always makes me feel appreciated and cared for and it helps that she is stunningly beautiful.”

Ali shared that her favorite thing about Bradley is “how he is such a hard-worker and is always trying to make me laugh with his dad jokes. He also has the best smile!”

These two are so sweet!

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