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Elaina and Josh are engaged!!

I recently had the pleasure of catching up with Elaina and Josh for their engagement session in downtown Roanoke! It was a gorgeous day and I had a wonderful time getting to know this adorable couple!

Elaina and Josh met in college. The two of them became friends while serving on the same youth ministry team. Josh was the leader of the team and they worked together for two years. During this time they would work with their team to plan retreats and minister to teens. Elaina told me that while they don’t remember the exact moment they met, she definitely caught Josh’s attention because he requested her to be on his team both times!

I asked them the story of how they became engaged. They had gone for a walk in a beautiful gothic cemetery that was close their campus. At this time in their relationship, Elaina was pretty sure that Josh wasn’t going to propose for a while and she had no idea what was on his mind! After walking and talking for a while, Josh stopped and pulled out The Four Loves by C. S. Lewis, which is Elaina’s favorite book and favorite author. He then read a beautiful passage about how a husband’s love for his wife should imitate Christ’s love for the church and he should always be willing to sacrifice for her. Elaina told me how beautiful the moment was and at that moment how she was thinking to herself, “This is an amazing passage, I hope he brings it up whenever he proposes!” It was at that moment that Josh knelt down and asked her to marry him. Of course she said, “YES!” As if that wasn’t enough excitement, after this moment they went on to a surprise engagement party that Josh had planned with all their friends! What a memory!

As a couple the love being outdoors and going hiking. They will do that whenever they have the chance. They also love to go camping, so much so that they registered for lots of outdoor gear for their wedding! They hope that will help them to embrace doing what we both love together. How sweet is that? They also love to travel together and have gone to 10 different countries already. The next place on their list is Ireland!

I asked them each to tell me something special about the other. Elaina shared that her favorite thing about Josh is his kindness and sincerity with everyone he meets. And he has the funniest sense of humor!

Josh shared that his favorite thing about Elaina is her relationship with God, which he thinks is beautiful!

This session had me smiling the entire time. It is so clear how much these two adore each other and their love and happiness is infectious. Elaina and Josh are two wonderful people who have found their perfect partner. Just look at the way they look at each other! Ahhhh!!! I can’t wait for their wedding!

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