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Introducing baby Asher!!

I was so excited to meet this little lady!! I already adored her moms so it was only destined that she would be one of my favorite babies ever!

Danielle and Lindsay welcomed their sweet little girl on January 25th. She weight 6 pounds, 10 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. Her mommas were so excited to meet her!

Danielle shared that her delivery went well. She said they had a great team of nurses and are grateful for a “wonderful doctor who advocated for our care along the way.”

I asked Danielle and Lindsay how they felt the first time they saw their beautiful little Asher. Danielle shared, “When I saw Asher for the first time my heart exploded, I felt a type of love I have never felt in my life. When she looked into my eyes right as soon as they laid her on my chest I new my world had changed forever, I knew I was meant to be her Mommy.”

Lindsay shared, “I technically saw Asher a few seconds before Danielle did and I remember being filled with pride for what Danielle was bringing into the world. When I got to hold Asher for the first time (skin to skin on my chest) I felt a rush of love and emotions that only holding your child can bring. Every time she looks into my eyes it’s like I feel it all over again.”

Now that Asher is home and they are family of three, they are adjusting to this new reality. Having a little baby has brought them a completeness they didn’t even realize they were missing. Danielle and Lindsay shared that Asher is “very chill…yet strong willed. She’s extremely alert and strong and already a blast to hang out with.” Just like her mommas!

This is already one awesome little lady. I can only imagine the amazing woman she is going to grow into with mommas like Danielle and Lindsay!

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