Kelsey & Liam are Expecting | Blacksburg Maternity Photographer | Virginia

Kelsey and Liam are expecting a baby!!!

I was so excited when Kelsey reached out to book her maternity session with Skyryder! I first had the pleasure of working with them for their wedding at Mountain Lake in 2019. It is still one of my favorites. Check out the amazing photos from that day here.

Fast forward almost four years and I got to see this amazing couple again! Kelsey and Liam are expecting a little boy in May! I am so excited for them. They are honestly two of the most sincere, loving people. They are going to be the best parents! This little guy is so lucky to have them for parents!

Kelsey describes she and Liam as “fun-loving, intimate, and honest.” They are so very in love and enjoy spending time with each other and going on adventures. They love to hike, kayak, snowboard, play games, and drink beer (although on pause at the moment!) together. After their wedding they spent a month in New Zealand exploring that amazing land! What a fun couple!

They are so excited about their next big adventure…being parents! They are looking forward to taking trips and spending loads of time with their little guy when he arrives.

Kelsey and Liam have already settled on their little man’s name: Taro. How cute is that??!!! Something else interesting that they shared was that Kelsey’s favorite number is 8 and Liam’s is 5. Taro is due on 5/8!!! It was meant to be!

I am so happy for these two and thrilled for Taro that he is lucky enough to have two amazing parents waiting for him. An absolutely perfect family in the making!

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