Emily | Pulaski County High School Senior Photographer

Emily | Pulaski County High School Senior Photographer

I was looking forward to meeting Emily ever since her session was scheduled! I have worked with her mother for a few years and I just knew that Emily had to be awesome with a mom like that!

Emily describes herself as caring, bubbly, and determined. What great characteristics to have!

Emily is involved in varsity volleyball, National Honor Society, secretary of the Student Council, and senior yearbook editor. Too cool!

History and English are Emily’s favorite subjects in school. The math teacher in me is a little sad with that but I will let it go because history and English are pretty cool… (but not as cool as math).

When Emily isn’t at school she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves the bands Def Leppard and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Her favorite TV show is This is Us. Emily’s favorite movie is The Breakfast Club. Okay!! How super cool is this girl??!!!

Emily is planning to attend New River Community College after high school and then go on to Radford University. She wants to have a career in teaching, nursing, or social work. Yay!

Enough from me! How about more photos!!??!!!

Pulaski County High School Senior Photographer