Hannah | Blacksburg High School Senior Portrait Photographer

This is one awesome young woman!

I had the immense pleasure of teaching Hannah when she was a seventh grader. That seems like so long ago!

When Hannah was in middle school she was already ahead of her time. Hannah has always been poised, articulate, adventurous, and brave. Oh how brave this kid is!

Hannah had a dream. Her dream was to become part of Circus Smirkus. She worked so hard to make that dream come true and it did! Now Hannah has been accepted to a special school in Canada to further that dream. She is going to also be getting a degree at the same time! By the way, did I mention she is only a junior? Hannah has worked so hard that she has managed to graduate early and head to college a year early! Wow!

I had a great time photographing Hannah and some of her special talents. I am so excited to know this young woman and I cannot wait to see what else she accomplishes. There are no barriers holding Hannah back. The world is her oyster, 100%!!

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