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Baby Holden is here!!!

Jennifer and Leland welcomed their beautiful baby boy, Holden Archer, into the world on April 6th. Holden made his arrival at 2:55am weighing 5 pounds, 14 ounces, and was 19 inches long!

The surprise…

Holden was a surprise because he was three weeks early! Mom and dad were not expecting him to come so soon! Jennifer and Leland were getting ready for a planned 40th birthday dinner celebration for Leland. That was not in the cards for them as Jennifer’s water broke! She and Leland had to head to the hospital instead.

Jennifer was admitted to the hospital at 4pm and little Holden made his debut 12 hours later. Jennifer told me that despite the surprise timing and some difficult moments in the delivery, Holden was born a happy and healthy baby boy!

When Jennifer first say her baby boy she was immediately in love. She told me, “I was overwhelmed with happiness that he was finally here, especially after all that work during labor! He was just perfect and we couldn’t stop staring at him. Everything else disappeared and he became the center of our world right away.”

Taking it in…

Now that he is here Jennifer and Leland are taking it all in. The past few days with a newborn have been tiring and overwhelming, but Jennifer said all you need to do is “look at his sweet face and it makes you feel better and takes the stress away.”

Jennifer describes her family as “loving, fun, and adventurers.” She is looking forward to Holden becoming more mobile so they can take him out and about and do many fun things together as a family. With that said, she also is enjoying the moment and doesn’t want it to slip by too quickly!

The session…

The session was so much fun. I got to spend the morning at their home with Leland, Jennifer, Holden, and Colby (their adorable dog). Jennifer and Leland are already naturals at parenting and their little man is one sweet pea! Jennifer describes him as, “strong for being so little (and coming so early). He is also sweet and cuddly and loves to be held, which works out since we have so many family members ready to hold him all day long. Holden hates having his diaper changed and cries the whole time but is perfectly happy again once changing time is over. He is also a great sleeper during the day, and loud noises and dog barking doesn’t even make him flinch!”

Okay! I need to share more photos of this adorable family!

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