Harvey Family | Blacksburg – Roanoke Family Photographer

Harvey Family | Blacksburg – Roanoke Family Photographer

The Harvey family!

It has been a while since I photographed this sweet family. The kids have grown up so much!

We met on an early morning at Nellie’s Cave Park in Blacksburg, Virginia. It was a game weekend so we were avoiding the crowds so we chose this spot with gorgeous open space and beautiful trees. It was a foggy morning which added to the mystical beauty of the location!

Laura and Mark have two awesome kiddos, Ethan and Caitlyn. They describe their family as “loving, energetic, and happy.” They are also very fun! I had a great time walking around with them!

As a family the Harveys enjoy camping, playing Minecraft, reading, simply kicking/throwing various sports balls around. They also like going to Disney, going to the arcade, having dinner out, and watching movies together.

Ethan and Caitlyn are two adorable kids. I loved how sweet they were with each other!

According to Mark and Laura, “Ethan is curious about the world around him; he loves to read and explore!”

They went on to describe sweet Caitlyn as  “blossoming her imagination, she loves to show her family that she can be independent, and has a fondness for playing dressup.”

What a great bunch the Harveys are! Now for more photographs!!

More Photos!!!

Harvey Family | Blacksburg – Roanoke Family Photographer