Mleczewski Family | Blacksburg – Roanoke Family Photographer

Mleczewski Family | Blacksburg – Roanoke Family Photographer

What a great day it was to meet the sweet Mleczewski family!

I met Courtney, John, Leah and little Ellie at Heritage Park recently for their family session. It turned out to be a beautiful (yet cold) day. The skies were clear and the sun was shining!

Courtney describes her family as, “playful, loving, and active.” After getting to know them during this session, I would have to 100% agree! They are also super nice and a great bunch to spend the afternoon with! 

As a family, they have been enjoying getting to know Blacksburg. They moved here this past year so they are learning all of the fun things to do in the New River Valley. They have really loved exploring. Courtney told me, “This area is so beautiful, especially this fall. Leah loves to talk about walking the Appalachian Trail. We’ve really been able to get to know our neighbors the last few months since school has started. We’re really starting to feel at home.”

Courtney went on to tell me that, “Life is pretty busy with a 2 year old, but we love to go golfing together. Either John and Leah go together or we get a babysitter John and I go! Leah and Ellie really enjoyed going to the pool this summer and we hope to get out and do some hiking this spring.” What a fun family!

John, aka “daddy,” according to Courtney, is an “avid golfer who loves to explore new areas, especially if there is a tee time involved!”

Leah is the older of the Mleczewski girls. She is in kindergarten and full of life! She LOVES to tell jokes and let me tell you, they are funny! I enjoyed hearing them during our session! She is great at making her sister smile!

Ellie is the baby of the bunch. She is A-DORABLE!! I loved her little personality! She is playful, silly, and knows just how to make her family laugh!

Courtney, aka “momma,” is such a sweet mother and wife. I loved how adoring of her family she was during the session. She made everyone at ease and was so much fun to work with. Courtney told me that she has started getting more involved in school activities and is enjoying getting to know other families in her neighborhood. I know it won’t take her long to have everyone as a friend! 

Alright! I have talked a lot! How about…

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Mleczewski Family | Blacksburg – Roanoke Family Photographer