Jones | Blacksburg Family Photographer | Roanoke

The Jones family is THE BEST!!

Rob and Karen were two of the first people I met when I moved to Blacksburg so many years ago. I am so fortunate to have continued to know them over the past 12 years! They are so awesome!

“Kind, musical, and faithful” are the words that describe this family. So beautiful.

As a family they enjoy many activities together. Some of those are volleyball, family dinners, music, church, hunting, renovating their house, Jeep rides, and fishing.

Karen described Rob as loving to play the banjo, all music, and any outdoor activity, especially hunting. He is the fixer of all things. Karen is the “bus driver” of the family and “Rob’s super glue”. While she didn’t elaborate any more, I will add that she is dedicated, loving, and really what is keeping them all together. She’s the best.

Ali is “always singing, joyful, sweet and salty, and very caring.”

Kami is “wild open, a free spirit, loves life and is a people person. She has never met a stranger!”

This bunch is the BEST!

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