Kaitlyn + Grayson | VT Graduates | Blacksburg Senior Photographer

Kaitlyn and Grayson are Virginia Tech graduates!! Go Hokies!

Grayson and Kaitlyn are graduated seniors and excited for their futures! Kaitlyn studied Psychology and Grayson studied Computer Science with a minor in mathematics. Now that they are done at VT, Grayson is headed to Nashville, Tennessee to work as a software engineer for Amazon. Kaitlyn is headed to work on her Master’s in Health Promotion. She is also going to work as the Personal Training Graduate Assistant for the University of Kentucky. Wow!

Grayson and Kaitlyn met their freshman year of college through mutual friends. As their friendship grew they quickly became inseparable. They became roommates their sophomore year and (no surprise to their family and friends) began dating the summer before their junior year. These two love to do lots of things together. Some of these include making furniture for their house and finding new recipes to cook and eat together!

I asked Grayson and Kaitlyn to describe each other to me for this blog. Here is what Grayson had to say about Kaitlyn. “Kaitlyn was born and raised in Maryland. As a child, she nourished and developed her creative talents through dance and band, playing the saxophone just like Lisa Simpson (same vibe too). This led her to get involved with recreational sports in college, where she began as a dance instructor and worked her way up to the top of the food chain, becoming small group training and dance supervisor. “

Kaitlyn shared about Grayson, “”Grayson was born and raised in Blacksburg, Virginia. As a child, Grayson loved building and creating crafts and inventions he would use all around his room and house. His need to create and invent has carried over into adulthood, as he finds joy in making websites and hacking the Alexa.”

These two were so much fun to get to know during their session and I am so happy that they have such fun adventures ahead of them! How about more photos?

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