Kathryn | Blacksburg Bridal Photographer

Kathryn is married!

What a gorgeous bride! Being a Blacksburg Bridal Photographer is the best job ever! Kathryn and I met at Virginia Tech for her bridal session! I love VT and Blacksburg at this time of year!

Kathryn and her now husband, Collins, were married in Keswick, Virginia recently! Be sure to check out that post too!

It was such a gorgeous day and the weather was amazing! We began our session at the VT Pylons. The wind was fun to work with. It would pick up the back of her dress perfectly!

After the pylons we walked around the drillfield for more awesome photos. I love the architecture around Virginia Tech. It was awesome getting to know Kathryn and hear the story of how she and Collins fell in love!

The jacket has a special meaning for Kathryn and Collins. While dating in college, Collins gave Kathryn the jacket. Despite them breaking up for about seven years, Kathryn held on to the jacket and now it has come to symbolize the strength of their relationship. Kathryn wanted to take photos with the special jacket. How sweet!

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! Not only is Kathryn a beautiful bride, she’s also one awesome person!

More photos!