Lisa + Matthew | Blacksburg Engagement Photographer

Lisa and Matthew are the sweetest couple ever!!!

I was so excited when Lisa hired me as her photographer for she and Matthew’s wedding in 2020. She just seemed like such a fun person to know and I just knew that Matthew would be awesome as well! And was I ever correct!!

Lisa told me the story of how she and Matthew met. “We met in a coffee shop in Cardiff. Matthew was working there at the time and I was exhausted after my first day of my solo trip in Wales. I needed a caffeine fix and ended up with a fiance four years later!” The sweetest story ever!!!

They had a long distance relationship for a while and then one day Matthew proposed to Lisa! This past September in Cardiff they were walking around Cardiff Bay. It was a chilly winter night and Matthew proposed with the city lit up in the background. It was magical!

Lisa and Matthew love to travel and explore new places together. They love the outdoors as well! Now that they are engaged they are most excited that they can finally end this long distance stuff! They will get to live on the same continent! Finally!

I am so excited to share more photos! Check them out!

More photos!