Lori + Kyle | Mountain Lake Photography

Lori + Kyle | Mountain Lake Photography

I had a wonderful time photographing Lori and Kyle at Mountain Lake! We met for an early morning session before some bad weather was headed our way. We had a brisk morning, but it was still beautiful and lots of fun!

Lori and Kyle have been together for seven and a half years. They have been married for five years and wanted to mark this milestone in their lives with a new set of photographs.

That’s them holding their wedding photo from 5 years ago!

Lori met Kyle at a country bar in Raleigh called City Limits Saloon. He was out with a bunch of his fire station buddies and Lori was out with a work friend. They started talking because Kyle’s best friend was hitting on Lori’s friend! Ha!

Lori and Kyle love to go to new towns and cities and explore the area during a long weekend. They tend to pick places that may not be considered “tourist destinations” and check out local restaurants and shops, as well as explore local hot spots. They told me they have done this in Winston-Salem, Boone, Atlantic Beach, Charlotte, and New Bern to name a few.

I asked Lori if she would tell me a little about she and Kyle. Here’s what she shared: “I have always had a sense of adventure, wanting to go to new places and see new things. This sense of adventure is what brought me to going to school in New Orleans and taking trips whenever possible. Kyle was completely opposite when we met. He had lived in Durham most of his life, with the exception of about a year when he lived in Carolina Beach. He had never even been on an airplane when we met! I’ve brought Kyle along with me for all of my wanderings since we’ve met, and while at first he was a bit weary of the traveling, now it’s our favorite thing to do together. I successfully talked him in to his first airplane trip when I promised him all of the fun of Key West, which is where he decided to propose 6 years ago! Now that we’re back from our most recent trip, we’re planning our summer vacation to somewhere tropical. I don’t think we’ll ever stop trying to experience the world.” How cool is that? What a perfect partner to spend your life with!

Lori and Kyle chose Mountain Lake for their session because they were on another one of their “explore the area” trips, this time for their 5 year anniversary. They picked the mountains for a lot of reasons- They typically go to the beach for their anniversary but decided to change things up this year. Mountain Lake Lodge looked like a beautiful lodge, they wanted to check out the Cascade Falls, and the lodge was close enough to home for a quick weekend getaway.

I think they enjoyed their trip and finished up the day with brunch at the Palisades! They loved it! An awesome place to end a trip!

Well enough from me! Now for the photos!