Justin | Blacksburg High School Senior Photography

Justin | Blacksburg High School Senior Photography

I was so excited when Justin scheduled his senior session with me! He was one of my students when he was a seventh grader! I absolutely love seeing how much my former students have grown up and hear all about their exciting goals and plans for their future. We planned Justin’s session for the fall after football was supposed to have finished. Well, if you’re a local you know how well Blacksburg High School did this last season! They just kept going and going and going! They were so impressive! This did mean, however, that I would have to wait to photograph Justin. Even though I am not the most patient person, I was happy to oblige so he could go on with his awesome team! Go Bruins!

Justin was a lot of fun as a seventh grader. He wouldn’t hesitate to talk to me and tell me all about his opinions on the world and the math work I was assigning. I actually love that! Seeing him again as a senior that was about to embark upon the world on his own, I was happy to see that part of him hadn’t changed. Justin really is great at holding conversations and being genuinely interesting to talk to. It is the kind of skill that will surely carry him far!

I asked Justin to tell me three words that would describe him. He chose, “interesting, sarcastic, annoying.” While I would agree with the first two, I certainly didn’t find him annoying! Ha!

Hunting, baseball, football, and going to the river are the things that Justin told me he is most interested in right now. It was clear as we walked around his land just how much he enjoys being outdoors. He told me that in addition to hunting and fishing, he really enjoys hanging out with his friends.

Justin is heading to Radford University next year and hopes to major in Business Management! Too cool!

Enough from me! Now for the photos!