Sylvia | Blacksburg High School Senior Photography

Sylvia | Blacksburg High School Senior Photography

I am so excited to share Sylvia’s session with you all! Sylvia is a senior at Blacksburg High School.

I had the pleasure of teaching Sylvia when she was a sweet little 7th grader many moons ago. Sylvia was one awesome young woman then and she has grown into even more of an awesome young woman now! How was that even possible? Sylvia is not only kind and patient, she is thoughtful, smart, and sweet tempered. She was so much fun to walk around with and get to know even more. It is just so awesome for me to see how much she has grown up and how awesome she has become. I cannot say I was at all surprised, however. She was someone I never expected less from!

Sylvia has many extracurricular activities that she is involved in. She told me all about the Roanoke Valley Children’s Choir, Venture Crew 152, Operation Smile, National Honor Society, and Spanish National Honor Society. Wow! What a list! Sylvia’s favorite subjects to study are Spanish and science.

When Sylvia is not in school she enjoys going to coffee shops, traveling, and spending time with her friends. She loves classic rock, spending time outdoors, traveling and going on adventures.

Sylvia describes herself as “friendly, honest, and compassionate.” Those are three of my favorite traits and she has them all! What an awesome person!

Sylvia isn’t going to travel too far for college. She has chosen to attend Virginia Tech to study environmental engineering and Spanish. I am 100% confident she will be successful in both of those majors!

Okay! Enough from me! More of the photos!!!