Maddie | Blacksburg High School Senior Portrait Photographer | VT

Maddie is a senior!!!

I am so happy to share Maddie’s session with you all today! Maddie is a senior at Blacksburg High School in Blacksburg, Virginia.

We met for Maddie’s session at Smithfield Plantation on the beautiful Virginia Tech campus. It was a pretty day and the fall colors were still hanging on to the big trees!

Maddie describes herself as goofy (a little giggly), creative, and determined. What a great combination of traits! How balanced!

At BHS Maddie enjoys studying biology, psychology, and anatomy. She is a member of the Varsity BHS Swim and Dive team and is also the captain of the team!

While Maddie is very serious about her studies, she is also dedicated to her dancing. Maddie has been a dancer for Dance Tech and the Blacksburg Ballet for 15 years! She dances everyday of the week and is hoping to continue in college next year.

When Maddie isn’t consumed by dancing in the studio or home, she enjoys going hiking with her dog, Einstein. She also likes cooking and enjoys trying different kinds of foods.

Maddie loves to travel. She likes to go on trips with her friends and family. She has a goal of visiting every state and half of the countries in the world.

Now that Maddie is looking ahead to college, she is planning to major in neuroscience on a pre-med path. She hasn’t settled on a school but has applied to a few options. I can’t wait to see where she chooses!

Maddie is one amazing young woman and I am so fortunate to have had a chance to photograph her and this awesome milestone. She is going places!

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