Therese + Baker | Blacksburg Engagement Photographer | Heritage Park

Therese and Baker are engaged!!

I had an awesome time getting to know Therese and Baker during their engagement session recently!

Baker and Therese are getting married next year and are so excited! It is so sweet to see two people that adore each other this much! I love it!

Therese and Baker met on a dating app. The told me that after meeting, their relationship “just took off” as they just “clicked” the moment they started talking! How perfect!

We met at Heritage Park in Blacksburg, Virginia for their engagement session. The weather was perfect. We were just getting over a real cold snap so the three of us were thankful it was much warmer during their session!

As a couple, Therese and Baker enjoy going on walks, laughing at silly things while they cook together, and tickling each other. They like to watch movies and crime shows and go to the mall to walk around, window shop, and people watch.

Baker told me the story of how he proposed to Therese. He shared that they were at one of their favorite spots in Snowshoe, WV. There is a spot there near a big wooden yeti where people love to take photos. Baker was so nervous but he got down on one knee and asked Therese to marry him! She said, “yes!”

Now that they are engaged they are looking forward to learning even more about each other and building their life together. They hope to have kids and make great memories. They want to travel more, spend time with their families, cook, and continue laughing together. They shared that they “never get tired of the simple things in life and that is the best part of being partners.” For sure!

Therese shared with me that she loves Baker’s sense of humor. She also loves how sweet he is, his cooking ability, his silliness, and how he can handle her silliness! Therese also shared that she loves how he understands her and is patient with her. How absolutely perfect is that?

Baker loves lots of things about Therese. He especially loves her sense of humor. He told me that that “makes the best part of every day with her.” Too sweet!!!! I love it!!!

I cannot wait for their wedding!

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