Skyler | Blacksburg High School Senior Portrait Photographer | Roanoke

Skyler graduated!!

This is take 2 of Skyler’s senior session and I am SO EXCITED to share these with you! You can see the first post here: Skyler’s Senior Session (take 1)

Skyler graduated in May of 2022 from Blacksburg High School in Blacksburg, Virginia. I know that technically she is no longer a senior, this is the first chance we’ve had to properly do her senior session.

If you have been a follower of my posts, you would know that I photograph bunches of seniors, particularly from the Blacksburg area. This senior, however, is particularly special to me. She is the “Sky” in “Skyryder.” Skyler is my daughter and I am INCREDIBLY proud of this young woman!

From early on in Skyler’s life it was obvious that she was going to be a strong woman one day. There were moments when I had to take pause as her mother and make the conscious decision that I would encourage this strength. My thoughts were that while she would be difficult to manage at times as a parent, she would most definitely always have the strength to let others know her thoughts as well. I am so proud that she did grow into that strong young woman and speaks her truth at all times.

Little Sky….. awwwwww

Skyler played softball as her main sport as she was growing up. She played for the Scrappers out of Roanoke and was on the Varsity Blacksburg High School team. We loved watching her play and supporting her throughout her years on the field. Skyler loved playing and being a part of the team, especially when it was filled with her friends! A quick shout out to Scott Whitehead, Skyler’s Scrappers coach who really made the game the way it was supposed to be… fun.

Skyler is an exceptional student. She consistently maintained mostly A’s throughout her high school years. Her favorite subjects at BHS were English and math. She also really enjoyed her senior year because she participated in the work study program and went to school part time. She worked at Mellow Mushroom and Mission BBQ, all while maintaining those stellar grades!

Now that Skyler is a graduate she chose to do the ACCE program and attend New River Community College. She continues to work at Mellow Mushroom. When Skyler finishes the ACCE program she plans to transfer to Virginia Tech. She is currently considering Behavioral Neuroscience as a major but is still exploring her options!! There are so many!!!

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