Maddy | Blacksburg Senior Portrait Photographer | VT

Maddy is a VT graduate!!

What an accomplishment! Maddy has finished her Bachelor’s of Science degree from Virginia Tech!! Go Hokies!!

I had a great time getting to know Maddy as we walked around the VT campus for her senior session. We stopped at all of the big iconic Hokie spots as we documented this important time in her life.

Maddy describes herself as “adaptable, independently driven, and ambitious.” Those are three attributes that will take her far in life! Awesome!

While at Virginia Tech, Maddy was involved in many different things. Maddy worked with the VT football team as a student trainer, she was a member of the sports medicine club, and volunteered at many campus events. She also shadowed at physcial therapist offices, was a kids’ crossfit coach at Trebel Wellness, is an HNFE ambassador and a peer mentor for HNFE freshmen. In addition to all of that, Maddy also works at Carillion Memorial hospital! This is one busy young woman!

While at VT her favorite subjects to study were anatomy, nutrition, and kinesiology. When not studying or doing one of the many things mentioned earlier, Maddy likes to workout, go for long walks, hangout with friends, watch movies, and listen to podcasts. While she has a wide range of musical tastes, Maddy’s favorite musician is Taylor Swift. Her favorite movie is Clueless and her favorite TV show of the moment is Grey’s Anatomy.

Maddy is not done with school just yet! She is about to embark on her next chapter: attending Radford for her Doctorate of Physical Therapy! How awesome is that??!!!

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