Morgan + Nathan are Expecting | Blacksburg Maternity + Newborn Photographer

Morgan and Nathan are expecting baby number two!!!

Oh my how time has flown by! I have had the honor of knowing this awesome couple since 2015 when I first did their engagement session! We followed that up with their wedding soon thereafter! I adore these two!

Morgan and Nathan already have one awesome little lady, Everleigh. I couldn’t believe how much she’s grown! I also had the privilege of doing that maternity session and a family session when Everleigh was just a little baby! She’s so big now!

Morgan is expecting another little girl! They are all so excited. Morgan shared that they are excited about sharing a new life to their family and watch Everleigh take on the role of a big sister. She also told me how awesome Nathan is with being a ‘girl dad’ and she is personally excited to see him fall in love with another daughter. How sweet is that?

As a family they enjoy many activities together. They enjoying traveling to visit family as well as their own family time in Tidewater, where they are living these days. They have many home projects they work on as a family and enjoy getting outside as much as possible together.

We met for this maternity session at Morgan’s parent’s home. They recently bought this property and Morgan and Nathan are looking forward to creating many memories with Everleigh and Jocelyn at this amazing spot. The views are just magnificent!

Everleigh has grown so much since I last saw her. Morgan shared with me that Everleigh has a fun and loving personality. She surprises them daily with how intelligent she is. What an adorable little lady she is growing up to be!

Morgan shared with me that Nathan is the “best daddy a wife and little girl could ask for.” She went on to share that there is never a dull moment with him and he always puts a smile on their faces. That doesn’t surprise me in the least. He is a great guy and so loving towards his family.

Morgan is one awesome person too. She is such a loving mother and wife and it is so great to see how happy she is after all these years I have had to know her. You can just sense how happy they are all together. Morgan is something special and I am so happy to see so much joy in her life!

The countdown is on to the arrival of little baby #2! I am so excited for Morgan, Nathan, and Everleigh!!!

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