Nick + Morgan | Blacksburg Engagement Photographer | Heritage Park

Nick and Morgan are engaged!!!

I recently met Morgan and Nick for their engagement session at Heritage Park in Blacksburg, Virginia. It was a perfect day to photograph such an awesome couple!

Morgan and Nick met in college. The both attended Longwood University. Morgan shared, “Nick played Baseball and I played golf. A year and a half before I even met Nick I was known that whole time as ‘Golf girl’ to he and his teammates. It was because the first time he saw me on campus he joked with a teammate he loved me and was going to marry me. Fast forward a year and a half – Nick and I were at the same bar visiting with friends an hour and a half away from our campus, coincidentally. I said’ ‘hi’ to Nick and we talked for a bit. It wasn’t until Nick was talking about meeting with me to a friend of his that Nick and I reconnected, because that friend of his happened to be my best friend and college roommate. I don’t know who manifested us together, but that’s how it felt.”

As a couple Morgan and Nick enjoy many activities. They are both very active people and love hiking with their dog, grilling, taking weekend trips to the beach or mountains, and going mountain biking. Since dating, they have actually hiked Grandfather Mountain, visiting Yellowstone, and took a beach trip with friends to Siesta Key.

Nick and Morgan love visiting with family and friends and can usually be found hosting people or traveling to family every other weekend. They also enjoy to relax and go brewery hopping with friends, watch football and basketball, or just hang at home with their pup Nash.

Nick proposed to Morgan on a weekend trip to Wilmington, NC. They spent the weekend exploring like they have loved to do since they started dating. One night while they were taking a walk down Wrightsville Beach Nick popped the question! Morgan told me it was such a special moment that they got to share together.

Now that they are engaged, they are both very excited to go on even more adventures together! They both work very hard and enjoy the fruits of that labor. They hope to keep putting their livelihoods first in their relationship. Morgan and NIck are also very excited to have the actual wedding where all of their favorite people will be in the same place! Morgan said, “It’s going to be a day full of so much serotonin!”

I asked them each to describe something about each other. Morgan shared, “Nick has the best morals of anyone I’ve ever met. He really attracts people to him because of it, and when I met him I felt like he was what I always wanted but didn’t know I’d find. He is such a hardworking person who values his relationships so highly. There’s never been a time where I’ve worried about Nick making the wrong choice, and he pushes me to be more like him in that way everyday.”

Nick shared that “Morgan is really a light in all her families and friends lives. Everyone has the best time when she brings people together. No one, including me, has a bad day when she’s around, and we all look to her on our bad days. Also, I couldn’t pass up having a sick golf scramble partner for the rest of my life.”

Aren’t these two just the sweetest?!! I can’t wait for their wedding in May of 2023!

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