Oliver | Blacksburg High Senior Portrait Photographer

Oliver is a senior!

I can’t believe how fast these kids grow up! I remember Oliver when he was in elementary school! Now he is about to graduate from Blacksburg High School!

Oliver used the three words, “determined, perseverant, and smart” to describe himself. Those are three awesome adjectives to have attributed to yourself!

Science and English are Oliver’s favorite subjects to study at Blacksburg High School. He also has been wrestling for five years! He would tell you that when he’s not at school he is doing one of two things: wrestling or working!

Oliver is has enjoyed working with his father’s company and hopes to major in building and construction when he goes to college next year. He is still deciding where it will be, but he knows that’s going to be his focus!

I really enjoyed walking around with Oliver and getting to know him now that he is so grown up! He is such a sweet guy that loves his family so much! I adore that!

Okay! Enough from me! How about more photos?

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