River | Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer

I was SUPER excited to be asked to photograph River’s senior portraits! I adore this kid!

River was in my math class back when she was a little seventh grader and it was so wonderful getting to know her sweet spirit. There are few people in the world as kind as this young woman. River is soft spoken but STRONG. She is going places because she has decided she will. There isn’t anyone that can stand in her way!

“Driven, compassionate, and fun” are the words River uses to describe herself. I think that about sums up how I described her too!

River loves to study math and sciences. She loved her AP Psychology course and is currently taking AP Environmental Science at Blacksburg High School and loves it. She plays varsity lacrosse and is the President of BETA club as well as a member of the Blacksburg National Honors Society.

When River isn’t studying or doing school-related things, she enjoys drawing and painting, hanging out with friends, going on hikes, biking, camping, and hanging out with her family. Lacrosse and biking are definitely her favorite activities but she also just loves to be outdoors. Her favorite TV shows are Game of Thrones and Outlander.

River’s dream is to go to college in Colorado. She is applying to Colorado State, University of Colorado-Boulder, and the University of Denver. She is considering majoring in psychology and criminology.

There are big things in store for this young woman. River was never meant to be anything but awesome. I can’t wait to see what feats she accomplishes.

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