Peyton | Blacksburg High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Peyton is a senior!!!

I am so excited to share Peyton’s senior session!

I first met Peyton when she was a 7th grader in my Titan time! That is similar to a “homeroom.” I didn’t have the pleasure of teaching Peyton math because back then she took a much higher level math than I was teaching. This kid is a smarty!!! She was so much fun back then and is equally awesome now!

Peyton is a senior at Blacksburg High School in Blacksburg, Virginia. She is a super great student and also very active with sports. She is a varsity volleyball player and is a member of the National Travel Volleyball Team! Wow!!!

Math and science are Peyton’s favorite subjects in school…. see??? I told you she was awesome! She is still deciding on her college but that’s probably because she has too many options!

When Peyton isn’t in school or playing volleyball, she enjoys watching Netflix, sleeping, and tanning outside. She loves the Hunger Games movies and books as well as watching Family Feud and Cake Boss.

Peyton is one of may faves.. this young woman is so amazing. I cannot wait to see what she does next!

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