Ezekiel | Eastern Montgomery High School Senior Photographer

Ezekiel is a senior!!!

Ezekiel is a senior at Eastern Montgomery High School in Shawsville, Virginia. He describes himself as “high-energy, thankful, and blessed.”

This is one amazing young man. I really enjoyed getting to know him and hear all about the activities he is involved in. Ezekiel is getting his pilot’s license! I mean… this kid flies planes!!! What??!! So cool!

In addition to aviation, Ezekiel is a member of the EMHS golf team and is a black belt in Martial Arts!

In school Ezekiel enjoys studying history and geography. When not at school he likes to attend church, play in the church band, participate in the Agape youth band and the Agape youth group activities. Needless to say, Ezekiel is busy!

3rd Rock from the Sun is Ezekiel’s favorite TV show right now when he’s just hanging out.

There are many options out there for this awesome young man and he hasn’t made any decisions about where he’ll be heading after high school. He wants to stay local and play golf, but the rest is still being decided. No matter where, I am sure Ezekiel will be accomplishing many things!

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