Taylor | Virginia High School Portrait Photography | Blacksburg

Taylor is a senior!

Taylor is a senior at Cornwall Central High School in New York. I know that sounds strange because we did her session here in Blacksburg, Virginia! That’s because Taylor is a former Bruin!! She came back to Blacksburg for her senior portrait session and I couldn’t be happier to be the one to capture them!

“Kind, outgoing, and caring” are the words Taylor uses to describe herself. She is most definitely those things! She is also smart! Like seriously smart! She’s also funny… and responsible… and all around awesome (can you tell I adore her?!!)

Taylor’s favorite subjects in school are English and math. She is a member of the National Honors Society and Concert Choir, and yearbook. Taylor is also one awesome volleyball player! She is on the varsity team at Cornwall Central High School!

When Taylor isn’t at school she’s usually found playing volleyball or hanging out with her friends. Her favorite musician is Taylor Swift and she loves all of the Harry Potter movies as well as the Golden Girls series.

Taylor has just committed to attend Eastern Connecticut State University where she will play volleyball! That is so exciting! This awesome young lady is going places for sure!

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