Phillip + Addison | Blacksburg Engagement Photographer | Heritage Park

Phillip and Addison are engaged!!

I had a wonderful time recently as I got to know Phillip and Addison during their engagement session. We met at Heritage Park and it was a beautiful fall day with colors popping! I have had the pleasure of knowing Phillip for a couple of years but this was the first time I really got to know he and Addison together as a couple and they are the sweetest pair! And, of course, I GOT TO MEET THE BABIES!!! These two pups are adorable!!!

Addison and Phillip have an amusing story about how they met. I will let Phillip explain. “This is an amusing story about an after dark church group for people ages 18 – 35 that met back in 2012. It was ran by a good friend and didn’t have a lot of affiliation with the church – I always thought of it as a support group. I was a regular there, but Addison by some stretch of fate had said ‘yes’ to not one, but two social gatherings he’d normally have never done. He’s actually there to see another friend and we clicked immediately. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t really get the chance to socialize again until October. We’ve been together ever since.” So sweet!

I asked how the question was “popped” and Phillip shared, “At the time we were both full-time students and I only worked part-time during the weekend to keep us afloat. For us, PF Changs was a super fancy restaurant that was only meant for special trips and treats – this particular occasion I made it out like we were there to celebrate Addison’s graduation. I had worked meticulously to open up a fortune cookie, slip a new “Will you marry me?” fortune and the ring inside, before sealing it up. Amusingly enough, he almost didn’t eat the cookie because it was “already opened”. When he cracked open the cookie, the fortune wedged around the ring and tore so all he got were the words “marry me?”. He didn’t notice the ring until I was on one knee and pointed it out. The ring was half-hanging out of the side he hadn’t looked at.” Isn’t that the cutest story!! I love it!!

As a couple Phillip and Addison enjoy gaming. That is one of their highest ranked hobbies! They also love to visit zoos, aquariums, and other attractions. They do like to hike and get outdoors but busy life has has made that less frequent than they’d like.

Now that they are engaged they are most excited about their honeymoon! They have been waiting eight years to get married and are relieved that it is finally happening.

Addison shared that with me that his favorite thing about Phillip is his infectious energy. Addison just loves that! He said it “warms his hear to see him get super excited, even at the smallest things.”

Phillip shared that he loves how “incredibly cute Addison is when he’s baking. He panics, makes faces, gets excited, and he has the best reactions when it comes out just right.”

I hope it comes across in the photos just how perfectly paired these two are. It is a beautiful thing to witness.

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