Radke Family | Blacksburg Family Photographer | Heritage Park

Smoes Family | Blacksburg Family Photographer | Heritage Park

The Radke family was so much fun to photograph! I love being a Blacksburg family photographer and Heritage Park is always amazing to visit!

Manuel, Diane, Robin, Mateo, and their dog, Ellie met me at Heritage Park on a gorgeous evening for their family session.

The Radke family is from Germany and they will be moving back in a couple of weeks. The love the Blue Ridge Mountains and wanted to document their time here by capturing some mountains in their family photos.

I enjoyed getting to know the boys a little as we walked around. They are both so sweet and have enjoyed their time in the United States. While they will miss things about Virginia, they are excited to go home to Germany.

Ellie was such a sweet dog! She is so well trained and an important part of the Radke family. I loved that they brought her along for their family session!

I am so glad that I had the great opportunity to meet the Radke family. Photographing them was a real treat! I hope we will get to see them again one day! Maybe I can come to Germany for their next family session?? Please?? Ich vermisse Deutschland!

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