Mari | Blacksburg High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Mari | Blacksburg High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Mari is a senior!

What a beautiful day it was when Mari and I met for her senior session at Heritage Park in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Mari is a senior at Blacksburg High School and describes herself as “authentic, witty, and headstrong.” I love that!

Science and math are Mari’s favorite subjects to study at BHS (I knew this kid was awesome!) and she is involved in lots of extracurricular activities. Mari runs cross country and track for the BHS team. She is also on the varsity soccer team and a member of the National Honor Society. In addition, Mari is the Historian for the Make a Wish Club and is a member of the Blacksburg Rescue Squad, Student Council, Spanish, Science, and Math Honor Societies. WOW! This young lady is busy!

When Mari isn’t keeping busy at Blacksburg High School, she really loves to go hiking, listen to music, paint, and draw. She is a big fan of Taylor Swift (since kindergarten!). While she’s not a big fan of watching movies or tv, she does like Gossip Girl and documentary series.

Looking forward, Mari is still making up decisions about college. She isn’t sure if she wants to continue running and that will come into play when she does pick her school. If she does run she would like to attend either John Hopkins or Washington and Lee. If she doesn’t decide to run she’d like to attend Georgetown or the University of Virginia.

No matter what school she chooses, this girl is going places for sure!

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