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The Shelton family!!

I first met the Sheltons when Jennifer and Leland had just had Holden. He was so adorable! You can see that post here:

It is hard to believe that over a year has past since I had the pleasure of first meeting little Holden! He’s such a big boy now too!!!

Jennifer describes her family as “adventurous, silly, and warm-hearted.” How perfect a description is that? Sounds like a bunch that I’d love to spend time with!

We had a great time walking around the Hethwood duck pond for their session. They live near the pond and enjoy walking around it with Holden and their adorable dog, Colby. Jennifer tells me, “We walk around the Hethwood duck pond multiple times a day, especially since being in ‘quarantine’. It has become one of our favorite places to visit, see the animals, watch the trucks drive by, have family picnics, and visit the sheep.”

As a family they enjoy going on walks, reading books, playing with Colby, and, of course, looking for fire trucks on their walks. Holden is a HUGE fan of fire trucks! They also love to spend time together cooking and eating. Playing games is another pastime they enjoy!

I asked Jennifer to describe each of her family members, She told me, “Holden loves to laugh and has boundless energy. He is so sweet-natured and loves every animal he sees.”

Jennifer went on to describe Leland. She said, “Leland loves being a father and is always smiling. He can also get Holden to belly laugh like nobody else can!”

Jennifer certainly cannot be left out! She is one awesome momma and loves her family so much. Jennifer is a nurturer who loves to spend time with her family. She is sentimental and loves making new memories from her family’s adventures. Leland, Holden, and of course, Colby, are lucky to have her!

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