Riley | Virginia Tech Senior Graduation Photographer

Riley | Virginia Tech Senior Graduation Photographer

“Genuine, Compassionate, and Fun-loving!” Those are the three words that Riley uses to describe herself! I need to also add, adventurous!!!

It was a rainy day when we met for Riley’s session but that didn’t stop us! We had a great time despite the rain!

Riley is a Virginia Tech graduate! She finished her studies last spring and has remained in Blacksburg for her first job! Riley loved studying Biomedical Engineering as well as “anything to do with medicine or human anatomy essentially!” What a smart woman! After studying Mechanical Engineering. She told me a little more about all of her accomplishments: “My intention behind this path of study was to work for a biomedical device company and I’m happy to say I’m doing just that! I currently work for Intuitive Surgical in Blacksburg so, I didn’t even have to move away from what I already consider to be a second home.” How awesome!!!

There are many things that Riley enjoys doing outside of Biomedical Engineering. Riley told me that she is “involved in a Celtic music group that I play the violin with. I really love music! I also really love salsa dancing, I try to go any time there is an event in Roanoke.” What fun!

Riley’s favorite band is The Arctic Monkeys. She told me that she got to go to one of their concerts this summer and it as amazing! She would tell you, however, that Frank Sinatra is her absolute favorite singer. What a classic! Riley has lots of favorite TV shows and movies but if forced to choose she would pick Stranger Things or Downton Abbey.

I am excited to share Riley’s session with you!!

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Riley | Virginia Tech Senior Graduation Photographer