The Artrip Family is Growing! | Blacksburg Maternity Photographer

The Artrip Family is Growing! | Blacksburg Maternity Photographer

I adore this family!!

I first met Kellie and her sweet family four years ago to the day we did this session! How timely was that??!!! It was the first time I met sweet Olivia too and that kid!! Oh that kid!! I have loved her to pieces ever since!

Kellie describes her family as “fun, encouraging, and loving.” ABSOLUTELY! I would also like to add, caring, kind, and calming. I know I have mentioned before how I get to meet great people in this job but the Artrip family absolutely epitomizes that feeling. Kellie is someone I am so happy to know and I can’t wait to meet this new addition!

Adam, Kellie, and Olivia met me up with me at Hahn Horticulture Gardens for their session. I loved that Kellie came with fun dresses for her maternity session too! Look how adorable she and little Olivia look in their matching white dresses!

Kellie and Adam are expecting a little boy and this is a very special moment for them. I am going to let Kellie tell the story of why this little guy is so special already. “We have waited a very long and hard 3 years for this miracle. Mama has been on pins and needles worrying and analyzing every sweet kick and pain wondering if he’s ok. Daddy, as always, is a bundle of optimism and has no doubt everything is perfect. We are just so thankful for everything and everyone that has helped us along the way including you for capturing this amazing pregnancy and the joy our family has for this little man.”

The Artrips

The Artrips enjoy being outside together, taking walks, going to the movies, and enjoying the zoo. They just love doing anything together because being with family is what this life is all about!

Kellie describes Olivia as being very “independent and head strong, loves to be the helper and is very nurturing. Loves all things pink, ballet, unicorns, paw patrol, & cats.” She describes Adam as having “a very dry sense of humor but I think is hilarious, loves sports, animals, poker and is very laid back. Also unbelievable excited about having a son.” I love Adam’s sense of humor. I even added photos into their gallery when he was being silly and I caught it on camera! Ha! Kellie describes herself as being pregnant, loving butterflies, and is excited to expand the family after a very long road. I would also like to add that she is an incredibly loving mother and wife. I have also seen the kind of friend she is and everyone in her life is lucky to know her.

After a little while Kellie’s mom, Donna, joined our session for a few photos! “Nonna” as she is affectionately known, has one of the sweetest descriptions from Kellie. She describes her mom as, “an amazing mother, Nonna, and best friend to me. We literally could not life without her love and support. She’s a strong, unconditionally loving and patient soul that I will forever strive to mirror myself after.” Oh my goodness. How perfect.

Okay! I cannot wait to share more photos! Here you go!!!

More Photos!!

The Artrip Family is Growing! | Blacksburg Maternity Photographer