Sarah Grace | Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer

Sarah Grace | Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer

“Energetic, bubbly, athletic”

Those are the three words that Sarah Grace used to describe herself. After having the great fortune of spending a couple of hours with her during her session, I would 100% agree!

I have known Sarah Grace’s mother for many years but always regretted that I never got to teach Sarah Grace or any of her siblings when they went through Blacksburg Middle School. I knew them from the neighborhood but never got to know them really well. That is one reason I was so excited to get to spend some one on one time with Sarah Grace and get to know her a little! I really missed out! She is one spectacular young woman!

Sarah Grace is involved in soccer. She is SERIOUS about the sport too! Sarah Grace told me she began playing at six years old and “can’t imagine her life without it!” I am certain that her passion for soccer is one of the reasons the Blacksburg High School girls’ soccer team is a force to be reckoned with! They dominate!

When it comes to school, Sarah Grace tells me that her favorite subject is graphic design. She finds it very interesting and hopes that it is something she will be able to use in the future!

If you ask Sarah Grace what her favorite things to do when she isn’t at school she would start off that list with, you guessed it, soccer. After that she would list “going to the beach” or just “being outside.” What a cool young woman!

Her favorite movies are High School Musical and Now You See Me. She hasn’t chosen a school yet for her college years, but she is hoping to major in marketing or apparel merchandising. Pretty cool!

Okay! I can’t stand the suspense! How about more photos of this awesome young woman!!!!!

Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer