Scott Families | Blacksburg Family Portrait Photographer

The Scott families!!

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the Scott families! It started out as a plan for Kevin’s family session and we added in Kevin’s brother Clay’s family for some photos too! How perfect! 

Kevin and Clay are both married with two kids. Kevin and Becca have Grace and Jake. Clay and Liz have Eli and Ethan. Aren’t they the sweetest family??!!

Becca & Kevin’s Family

After we took a few photos with Clay’s family we finished the session focusing on Kevin, Becca, Grace, and Jake. They describe their family as “close knit, laid back, and fun-loving.” I 100% agree! They were so much fun!

As a family they enjoy listening to live music, watching sports, and hanging out on the beach. Becca told me “Jake loves playing video games, watching sports and Netflix, and eating Mexican food. Grace loves listening to music and spending time with friends and family.”

The Scott family chose to have their family session at the Virginia Tech duck pond because they love it! They also knew that the foliage would be so pretty at this time of the year. Becca told me that they spent time there as a family when the kids were younger. They loved to feed the ducks. Becca said, “the duck pond has great memories for anyone who grew up in Blacksburg and went to Virginia Tech.”

I had the pleasure of photographing the kids a little during the session. Grace is currently attending Virginia Tech and loving it! Becca (a.k.a. “mom”) described Grace to me perfectly. She said, “Grace is super friendly, always kind and lots of fun to be around. She has a contagious laugh and a beautiful smile.” For sure! Just look at that gorgeous smile! Doesn’t it make you want to smile too??!!

Jake is a senior at Blacksburg High School. I actually had the honor of teaching him when he was a little 7th grader! I adored him then and I still do now. He is an awesome young man and I am so glad the world has a human like him! Becca described Jake to me as well. She said, “Jake is competitive, has a quick wit, is laid back and is always sweet and kind to people.” I adore him!

These families are the best! I am excited to share more photographs!

More Photos!!