The Vikesland Family | Blacksburg Family Photographer

This family is THE BEST!!

I first had the pleasure of photographing this family seven years ago! I cannot believe it has been so long! The kids are so grown up now!

Peter and Judy have three awesome kids: Sophia, Isabel, and Henry. Peter used the words, “loving, busy, and supportive” to describe is family. What a perfect set of words for such a perfect family!

The Vikesland family is super active. Peter and Judy are both runners and enjoy outdoor activities. The kids are also active and particularly enjoy soccer and the violin.

In addition to their ‘on the go’ activities, as a family they enjoy cooking and eating. Peter told me they “enjoy food and good times in the kitchen.” Love it!

Peter described he and Judy as “loving parents who try to push our children to be the best they can be.” What an awesome thing to strive for!

I asked Peter to describe the kids and he told me a little about each of them: “Sophia is a studious, but extremely kind hearted young woman who always helps her parents keep our crazy busy family moving forward.”

“Isabel exhibits a tough confident exterior, but inside is a compassionate girl learning to navigate the world.”

“Henry is energetic with lots of energy and a mind that never stops.”

Aren’t they just the best??!! How about more photos!

More photos!